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About Us
Masouda Belly Dancer 2006Triple Goddess is our name - chosen when teaching traditional women's dance classes. Dance resources and costume making came about through dance, a lineage of the seamstress - my mothers profession and her mother before her, my creative daughters ideas and fabric that just happened to be left over after a dance show.

You all know me by Triple Goddess now; so to explain a little further - Triple Goddess has been known as the celebration of maid, mother, crone by some and by others a mythological term that relates to Graces and Muses.

Research mentions three Graces act as Muse - a goddess that artists, poets, musicians and writers  sometimes link with through the cosmos (consciousness). 

Through the medium of dance Triple Goddess gives recognition and thanks to the cycles of continuing creativity.

Thanks too for the teaching and learning which movement/dance gives - spatial awareness, co-ordination, creating new pathways in the brain improving neurological conditions, the physical benefits the whole body deserves which also effect the mind - giving that feel good sensation. Lets not forget enhancing self esteem and courage through dramatic play ! 

Thank you to teachers that came before, are teaching now and are still to come.

Learning, teaching and performing dance and interactive entertainment for over 25 years through the learn as you go method (movement) gives Triple Goddess this experience.

It is a great joy to now offer children's dance resources  which has grown - now including costumes as requested by you.

So a big THANK YOU to you all and for your continual orders of NZ made FUN LEARNING resources from Triple Goddess Dance.

Please enjoy looking through this simple to use website - I hope you find beautiful things to meet your requirements.

Would YOU like to have something special made - please contact me directly to discuss possibilities. 

Our studio/workshop is located in Riverhead, Auckland.
We are not open to the public at this stage.

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