Triple Goddess Dance - NZ Maker of Song & Dance Accessories & Costumes

Red & Gold Birthday Cape

Birthday Capes

Bring them out only for special occasions
creating ceremonies to remember.
Available in different colours upon request.

All birthday capes $95 + GST

Speciality Capes 
Gorgeous Capes
 Varied colours above
with soft net with holographic sequin over satin
  Full circle $55 +gst each. Half circle flying off the back or wrapping around to the front $48 +gst each.

Specialty Capes
Half circle wraps around to the front
 with special collar - red, aqua, yellow and green available.
$55 +gst

Rainbow Cape

Rainbow Cape
1/2 circles for fun or special celebration
Technicolour fun with wristlets.
$65 +gst Adult size $80 +gst

Full Circle CapesFull Circle Capes

Full Circle Capes

Capes - Full Circle
Imaginations flying in any colour
 - loose fitting neck line, easy velcro fastening
Preschool Size

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ?
Is a cape ?
No - sometimes its a skirt (if you are narrow waisted)
$35 + GST

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