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Curtain Drapes

Various themes/fabrics/prices 
based on 2.25m lengths below. 
Ask for different lengths if you need them
or different sized tops if folding over beams.
All have tops with velcro so you can fold over and fasten
 or use on a carpet wall.
Hem at bottoms of each are open on their sides allowing threading of wire, rod or cord if needed.

Night Sky

Showing pattern of holographic sequin on black net.
$36 + gst per drape.

White Chiffon
Pictured above one only folded to show the star woven tops. See pic below above rainbow vortex to see 8 of these drapes (this picture does not have stars on velcro tops as it has been put up as a permanent fixture) attached to 4 points.
$40 + gst per drape.

Rainbow Vortex
 attached to the ceiling over a sleep area.

Rainbow Vortex
 7 drapes 
Everyone is using these creatively
see above pics
$250 + gst 
or choose any combination of 
organza colours with matching satin tops
$37 + gst each drape

Seasonal coloured Vortex
8 drapes using Shot organza
 2 colours within each fabric catching the light - eg. summer red sheen has red brown 
autumn orange sheen has orange yellow 
spring green sheen has yellow green , 
winter blue sheen has blue green,
 $286 + gst

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