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Our NZ made quality designs are increasing all the time and we already make a wide range of fun learning resources.

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Triple Goddess
Care of Resources

Hang out weekly in the fresh air in the shade.
Keep costumes hung up keeps them looking inviting.

When washing ... most resources/costumes
can be given a cold gentle cycle machine wash.

HOWEVER  you will get longer life if you

Always wash colours separately to check if any dye runs first.
Always wash SEQUINS by hand QUICKLY.
DO NOT rub, wring or put any resources in the DRYER

Join velcro fastenings together before washing.
Organza skirts or dresses need to be washed
in a laundry bag or gently by hand.

Washing Vinyl - use a sponge by hand.
Care of ribbons - hang up, supervised use better
- not to be used for tug-o-war.

A quick hand dunk using your usual appropriate soap flakes,
powder or gentle detergent, followed by a quick gentle hand rinse and hang to drip dry in the shade preventing fading..

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