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Rainbow Resources
Colour - Co-ordination - Creativity
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge
Bright Chiffon rainbow bridge (long lasting & easy care) 
colours in order (ROY G BIV)
Decorate (pictured above attached with pegs to sail)
or play - cross crawl, singing, matching, unders & overs & more.
Outside/inside - a fun drape.
approx. 1.50m wide x 5metres long
$73.60 + GST

Rainbow Scarf Set
Chiffon Rainbow Scarf Set
 Each chiffon colour a separate piece - great for crossing centre line with creative play,
 dance, drama - maypole, butterflies, birds, tie together to make wings,
 head dresses and drapes of different cultures.
$49 + GST for 7 pieces - 150cm x 75cm approx.
Half size scarf sets approx 70cm x 70cm $39 + GST set of 7.


Organza Scarf Sets
Organza Rainbow Scarf Set
60 x 75cm x 7 pieces
Pre ball skills, dance and more !
Fun for all ages. 
$39 + GST per set of seven. 

RainboSong & Dance Ribbons
Rainbow Song & Dance Ribbons
 As requested by one of you - an oldie but a goodie !
Synthetic felt padded handle & quality satin ribbons - easily washable.
Ends sealed with candle flame.
50cm ribbons - $10 + GST each 
- preschooler fun & can be made for toddlers too.
Satin wrist ribbons 
(pictured bottom left and right) 70cm long $14.50 + GST each.


7 Organza colours attachable to any shape.
 Satin top folds over & velcros together over
 a hoop, curtain rod etc...
Hang inside - creating special spaces - 
'rainbow reading corner' or 'imaginative space'
 or dramatic backdrop - ideas are many.
great review below from Sarah - Mangapapa Kindergarten

"Seasonal Vortex" are also being chosen - go to the drapes page to view 
 using 4 colours of the seasons:
 2 curtains of each colour (8 pieces rather than 7) - using shot organza (red/brown - summer; orange/yellow - autumn;
 blue/green - winter; green/yellow spring).

 As pictured  2.25m long, each piece 1.5m wide x 7 pieces
 (spanning 10.5m wide when opened out)
$250 + gst.

Go to drapes page to view Seasonal Vortex $286 + gst
 Made to order - send your individual measurements for pricing.

“Mangapapa Kindergarten purchased the vortex rainbow 7 piece at least nearly 2 years ago
and have just ordered our second 7 piece Rainbow set today. 
We find these a valued resource for creating intimate learning spaces for our tamariki.
Sometimes we use all of the curtains to making a corner setting with fairy lights
 creating an atmosphere where tamariki seek enclosure for quiet learning and/or calming as in a sensory space. 
The teachers have been innovative and creative in using the rainbow 7 piece set
by plaiting  two or three curtains together creating a separation between play settings
again creating a different feel to a learning space, softening the environment with a splash of colour. 
We have also utilised a hoop spreading the individual curtains out over head creating a ‘tent’ setting
for tamariki to engage with.
However we use them our tamariki enjoy the feeling and settings these provide.
Thank you Tania  for your inspirational resources!

  Nga Mihi….Sarah”.


Approx 2 1/2 metres long + extra end loops 
bright shiny satin
 festive decorations 

$29 + gst

fun learning resources