Triple Goddess Dance - NZ Maker of Song & Dance Accessories & Costumes
Before the spoken word
 there was the dance !

Imaginative & dramatic play with

Animal Tails
Horses and Monkeys $20 +gst
Dogs, Cats, Tigers, Zebras, Donkey - $14 +gst each.
Dragons - $20 +gst.
Velcro makes it easy width wise, 
toddler or preschool length available.


As pictured from left to right in first photo of dinos and cros above . . .
Stegosaurus Dinosaur $35 + gst
'Yet to be Discovered' Green Dino $20 + gst
Triceratops $30 + gst
Crocodile $30 + gst
Some colour variations on the Stegosaurus andTriceratops
 in 2nd and 3rd photos above.

Some colour variations on the
 'yet to be discovered'
 - you can be whatever dinosaur you like dino'


Cat, Tiger or Dog ears $14 each + gst
Donkey, Monkey or Horse ears $20 + gst

Monkey ears $18 + gst


Mermaids with full shiny lycra hip band with mesh skirt over tail:
colours available - hot pink, lime  aqua blue, royal blue, purple
preschooler and toddler sizes $35+ gst each.


Fun tails 
that tye loosely at the front
 ... in any fabric 
- maybe you need a sparkly pink one - send in your hip measurement
 and colour or fabric choice.
$40 + gst

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