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Holographic & Dotty Spotty Butterfly WingsDotty Spotty Butterfly Wings
Mesh with woven spots/dots (blue & pink pictured)
OR holographic sequin on mesh (as monarch pictured) over Satin.
Easy velcro neck line fastening.

Dramatic play, running, flying ! Spatial awareness,
sculpt shapes - cross overs, figure 8's.

These butterflys above have extensions in the their wing so that
when a 3-5 year old uses them the wings are longer than their
arm span - loads of fun flight.
All colours & combinations to choose from & black
$60 + gst each.

Beautiful Butterflys

Bright Butterflys
Classic design - wide strong elastic centre back and wrists.
Ribbon centre back to hang up.
Satin with sequin spots.
Name your colours ONLY $25+gst

Adult Size Wings
Fun leading by example - do words come from movement or movement come from words ? Cross overs, discovery of nature subjects, dance - its endless !
$40 + gst
All colours to choose from with elasticated shoulders and wrist.

Dragon Wings with Tails

Dragon Wings
with soft tails attached on satin wings with strong
elastic shoulder/wrist straps. Kelly Green and Forest Green with Forest Green Tails or Red Wings with Black Tails $38+gst.

Dragon Wings
without tail $16+gst

Bee Wings
Made and finished as butterflys and dragons above
$30 +gst

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